Welcome to the EXETER AND DISTRICT RELIANT OWNERS CLUB! Here Reliant owners or fans can meet, chat, attend rallies/shows and social events etc.

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The Reliant Owners' Club was founded in 1958 for the owners of the many Reliant vehicles that had been produced. Now the club has branches all over Britain and has a devoted following amongst Reliant owners,with a membership of over 500 including some from overseas. The Exeter and District branch was formed in 1977 and covered all of Devon. Since the Cornwall branch was closed we have incorporated it into our district and we have members in both counties. We attend rallies and car shows, have trips to places of interest and regular meetings. There is a national magazine sent out twice a year and a local newsletter sent out to all our members containing updates and details of upcoming events plus other information useful to Reliant owners. We do not have any Scimitar, SS1 or Regal models in the club at the moment, so we would be delighted to be joined by owners of these models in our area.


 We also welcome owners of other marques with links to the Reliant company, such as Bond, PK Jimp, Aixam and Microcar. In fact we welcome anyone who loves these cars whether they own one or not!